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Ruby, Haml, and SASS in Dreamweaver CS6

Call me a dinosaur, but I’m still chugging away with Dreamweaver.  I can’t pull myself away from the lovely site management and built in FTP features :)

But Dreamweaver lacks support for Ruby, and it’s friends HAML and SASS :(  I’ve never gotten HAML and SASS to work 100% with highlighting, but there’s a nice little extension for getting ruby highlighting called “Rubyweaver.”

How can download Rubyweaver from github,  At this time it doesn’t have installation instructions, but I just sent a pull request containing them, so they will probably be there now :)  It’s pretty simple, just make certain not to skip the “Run as administrator” step, or the installation won’t take.

Now you can open up ruby files and they’ll have some lovely color coding :)  Next, is to make dreamweaver open SASS and HAML files.  There are some tricky steps to get syntax highlighting for SASS, but everything I’ve tried just makes everything pink.  That only really works if you write SASS the same way as you would write CSS.  (I indent my SASS – no curly braces for me!)

In Dreamweaver

  • Go to file>preferences
  • Select File Types/Editors
  • In “Open in code view” add ” .haml .sass”

In notepad

  • Go to C:\Users\~Your Username~\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS6\en_US\Configuration
  • open Extensions.txt
  • on the first line add in ,RB,HAML,SASS
  • change
  • and then change
    CSS: Style Sheets
    CSS,SASS:Style Sheets
  • You can also add any other extensions you need to wherever you want.

Now they’ll open up in code view and you’ll be able to search whole folders as well. :)

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