Spam Words

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This is a very simple spam prevention mod for phpBB2.  The idea is that you define specific words that come up often in spam and it will block messages containing those words.

There is already a “spam words” mod out there, but with this mod you don’t need to make any database changes and you can set how many times the words need to be matched before blocking the message as spam.  Although, there isn’t an admin panel to go with this mod so settings need to be changed in the code.


  • Checks if a post includes any designated spam words
  • Set how many times those words need to be found to mark as spam
  • Set how many posts a user needs to have their post checked
  • PM a designated account with details about the post

Click here to download the mod

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Facebook Connect for phpBB2

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Another mod for phpBB2 that I have just completed is the well sought after “Facebook Connect” mod.  It’s a very straightforward version and should be very simply to install, though I give no guarantee that it will work for you.

I used to JavaScript Api to get the job done.  In a nutshell what it does is it first adds in a column to your User’s table to store someone’s Facebook ID.  Then the first time a user clicks on the “facebook connect” button it will ask the user if they want to link to an existing account or create a new one.  It will then add in the facebook ID to th row for the selected account.  Then the next time a user clicks on the “Facebook Connect” button it will check the User’s table for the user’s facebook ID and automatically log them in.

So, like I said, pretty straight forward.  The forum account will still work independently from Facebook, but will give the user instant activation and a faster way to login.


  • Instant account activation.
  • Single click log in when user is already logged into Facebook.
  • Allows for linking/unlinking for logged in users.
  • Will add the user’s Facebook avatar if they don’t already have one.

Click here to download the mod

8/02/10 Minor edit needed: It reads “Please submit both an email and password” which should be changed to “Please submit both a username and password”

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