Free certifications from Gild

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I was looking at those pricey w3schools certifications, but everywhere I asked said it was a big waste of money. So I decided to see what alternatives there were and see if there were any certifications that were especially well know that I should take.

What I did find was the Gild website where you can get certifications for free!

The price is right, and if I learn something along the way then I say it’s definitely time well spent.  I am still considering the w3schools certifications, but I’m going to start out with the free ones from Gild and see where that takes me.

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Hourly Rates


It’s always pretty hard to quote someone for a project, which made me pretty happy when I came across this article. took a survey of 107 readers and asked them what they charge as an hourly rate.

They break down the results into a nice and simple pie chart and discuss some of the reasons for those rates and give you some tips on how to quote your work.

A Discussion on Hourly Rates in Web Design

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