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I’m no expert, but I know a few things about getting started on pod casting. As far as equipment goes you may already have everything you need!  Many newer computers come equipped with an internal mic/web cam.  Of course the audio might not be top notch.  I recently purchased a blue snowball microphone, I’ve been very happy with the clarity but I do need to be quite close to the mic to get good pick-up.

Using Skype to conference call is a very easy way to connect with your co-stars.  If you’re all “skype-ing” over the internet it’s also 100% free.

Then comes the issue of recording on the audio…there are some free options for PC, but on a Mac you’ll have to shel out some coin.  I’ve worked with Audio Hijack pro. What I liked about this program is that it’s versitall.  You can record audio from any program you’re running, and it also omes ith a lot of exra features.  It won’t record video from skype though, which is less than ideal.

After you’ve connected and recorded your podcast it’s time to edit it!  For 100% free you can use Audacity.  Another nice freebie is Mixcraft. If you’re on a mac you probably also have the choice of garagebad, and there’s also some audio editing software that comes with certain Adobe bundles.

Last but not least is your podcast feed and hosting.  There are some free servies for hosting podcasts, but if you’re looking to monitze your production you might be better off handling hosting yourself.  For creating a feed apple has some specs.  I would also recommend finding a professional podcast’s feed and take a look at their source code to get a feel how how yours should look.  It’s also free to submit your podcast into iTunes…the only issue is that you need to give your credit card info to even sign-up for iTunes :/  If you have a friend who is already signed up I’d suggest asking them to submt your feed for you.

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