Inspiring photoshop templates

I stumbled upon a site “PSD Station” which blew me away with some really slick looking PSD templates :)  Looking though their archives I felt really inspired and I think it’s really handy to have some many nice looking designs and different versions of normal elements that are easy to take for granted.

I was mostly impressed with all the variations of signup forms they had.  There were some interesting variations that I have seen before but it really made me think about all the different ways you can present that information by seeing so many different samples in one place.

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Fonts in use

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Fonts in use is a blog that features, well… fonts in use!  It’s fairly self explanatory.  It’s a treasure trove of typographic examples.  Every post spotlight one or more fonts being put to use in real world examples and includes details about the font’s name and origins – which I appreciate.  If you an aficionado of typography like myself you may want to take a peek :)

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