MyRealFont iPhone App


A neat little App I found through Chris Pirillo is called “MyRealFont.”  With this App you can make your own font by drawing in each letter on your iPhone, then you can e-mail it to yourself as an actual TTF file you can install and use on your computer! 😀

The interface was really simple and easy to use, but it’s difficult to draw anything really nice ^^;  I’d like to see if you could get a nice handwritten style font from this from using the iPad with a stylus.

But until I find myself with an iPad I’ll have to live with the scribbly font I made with my iPod x3

Download the App on iTunes

Download the font I made

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Fonts in use

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Fonts in use is a blog that features, well… fonts in use!  It’s fairly self explanatory.  It’s a treasure trove of typographic examples.  Every post spotlight one or more fonts being put to use in real world examples and includes details about the font’s name and origins – which I appreciate.  If you an aficionado of typography like myself you may want to take a peek :)

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