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Hey death, Moshimo

A friend hooked me up with a way to play Japanese games, it’s pretty nice Japanese practice :) The instructions are over here.

I started off with a game called “Hey death, Moshimo” it’s a free download based on RPG Maker.  So you’ll need both the game and RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to play.


The game is a little weird, but I liked it a lot.  You start out in a room, and you really don’t go anywhere else.  You can run around and clicking on different objects in the room and almost immediately you’ll get and “ending”  but you’ll be able to start where you left off, which is kinda unique.

Spoilers after this!

After a while a diary showed up after I answered the phone.  It was about a girl (akari I’m assuming)  Who was waiting for mike-san.  They were planning to get together for their 6th year anniversary, but mike-san got busy with work and had to postpone it.  The last entry describers her as being happy that his plane will be arriving tomorrow and she’ll go pick him up.

That will give you an ending, and starting after that the TV will flash white.  If you go up to the TV it will tell you a news report, that a girl was ran over by a car today and died in a hospital that afternoon.  It then tells you that news report is a month old, and you get another ending.

Then when you start up again you’ll hear a pounding at the door, lave the room and a scary ghost appears!!  And it will give you three options: deny that it exists; embrace it; or search the room.  The last one is a little odd…but I choose to embrace the monster.  Then there’s a sweet little cut scene and the evil monster turns into a cute girl.  Happy end, awww :)

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