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Free stock photography can great great for low-budget or…no-budget projects.  In a lot of cases you get what you pay for, but there’s some really nice shots hidden in there too.  Some resources that I like to use are:

I contribute to stock exchange myself. Also, if you’re looking for textures you’ll have a much easier time finding some free resources.  There’s a lot of different texture websites out there, but my favorite so far is:

A few more that have some restrictions:
You can only get very tiny photos here


No longer free u.u
They only allow you to download one photo for free

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Nintendo DSI Art Academy: First Semester

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From the Nintendo DSI Shop is this very cool little paint program called “Art Academy: First Semester”  It really gives you the feel of traditional pencil/paint set :)  My favorite features is that you can save the images to your DSI then post them to facebook or transfer them to your computer with an SD card!  So the following are some of my doodles from this nice little portable art studio:

Apple: Art Academy DSI

Pear: Art Academy DSI

Ball: Art Academy DSI

Sunset: Art Academy DSI

Tree: Art Academy DSI

Tree: Art Academy DSI

Pikachu: Art Academy DSI

Pikachu2: Art Academy DSI

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