Is my website down?

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It has come up in the past where a website was down for me, but not for the rest of the world, or vice versa.  I found a nice and super simple website that will check if it can view a page.  That’s all it does!  And that works for me.

Another somewhat similar website is a free resource that just pings your site every hour to make sure that it’s online.  It will send you e-mail notifications whenever your site goes down so you can bug tech support ASAP :)

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Make Flash’s fullscreen mode stay put

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When working with dual monitors I’ll often watch online programs.  Normally when I have the progra fullscreen and then click anywhere else on the other monitor it will break the fullscreen mode.

UPDATE 11/19/10: The below no longer works :(  Though, luckily there’s a newer and much easier way to solve the problem!   Just download and run Ignoflash find “gcswf32.dll” and hit apply, easy peasy :)  At this time you can find the latest version of the ddl for chrome on Vista here:


Like before you may need to turn on “organize>folder search and options>view>show hidden files and folders” to find the file



It can be really annoying so I took a look around the internet and found this:

All you need to do it place the NPSWF32.dll file here (for vista, and make sure to backup the original file!):


For chrome you’ll also need to make some changes to file  as outlined here:

Then copy the file here:

C:\Users\{your user name}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\6.0.408.1\gcswf32.dll

and you may need to turn on “organize>folder search and options>view>show hidden files and folders”

And you’ll have fullscreen awesomeness no matter where you click :)

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