Fonts in use

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Fonts in use is a blog that features, well… fonts in use!  It’s fairly self explanatory.  It’s a treasure trove of typographic examples.  Every post spotlight one or more fonts being put to use in real world examples and includes details about the font’s name and origins – which I appreciate.  If you an aficionado of typography like myself you may want to take a peek :)

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Find Icons

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This is a really nice resource I found for free icons.  They have over 200 thousand icons that you can use.  Not all have commercial licenses, but a lot do.  They’ve got just about every kind of icon you might need, for social networking, e-mail, user interfaces.  So next time I need some icons I think I’ll stop on by :)

I’m currently using this set for my social media icons:

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Free Stock

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Free stock photography can great great for low-budget or…no-budget projects.  In a lot of cases you get what you pay for, but there’s some really nice shots hidden in there too.  Some resources that I like to use are:

I contribute to stock exchange myself. Also, if you’re looking for textures you’ll have a much easier time finding some free resources.  There’s a lot of different texture websites out there, but my favorite so far is:

A few more that have some restrictions:
You can only get very tiny photos here


No longer free u.u
They only allow you to download one photo for free

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Make Seamless patterns online

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go through the arduous task of making a seamless pattern! Well, I actually like making them, but it can be time consuming.  I found this website online that will make seamless patterns online for free.

It comes out a little odd if you were to put a picture of a person in there, but for making seamless patterns of textures this rocks!

There are also online sites for making diagonal stripe, and tartan backgrounds that I have used in the past:

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