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Free stock photography can great great for low-budget or…no-budget projects.  In a lot of cases you get what you pay for, but there’s some really nice shots hidden in there too.  Some resources that I like to use are:

I contribute to stock exchange myself. Also, if you’re looking for textures you’ll have a much easier time finding some free resources.  There’s a lot of different texture websites out there, but my favorite so far is:

A few more that have some restrictions:
You can only get very tiny photos here


No longer free u.u
They only allow you to download one photo for free

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First design post is nothing too imaginative.  Thought I’d start off with something small and random I did.

It’s a red ball on a blue backdrop – yeap that’s it.  I was fiddling around with PS styles thinking of what kind of graphics may make good stock.  I never really came up with anything revolutionary and this was the end of that venture.


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