Twitter App Directories


I recently released a small Twitter App called Twitter Critter and in order to generate some traffic for my new site I decided to submit it to various Twitter App Directories.  It’s n easy way to generate some outside links to my site and get the word out, all the working directories I could sniff out are listed below:

Know any other directories?  Please let me know in the comments :)

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Twitter Critter

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I recently just finished a project called “Twitter Critter” It’s a simple program that works with Twitter to generate an avatar.  All you have to do is enter in your own username, or anyone’s username, and it will create an avatar based on your Tweets.

It searches through your latest 200 tweets and uses those words to determine what color, critter, and what accessories your Twitter Critter will have.  It also generates a cute bio for that Critter based on those choices.  There are thousands of possible combinations, and if you come back after doing some Tweeting your result will change!  You can also Tweet out a permalink to the specific Twitter Critter your generated, and with one click you can set it as you avatar on Twitter.

Click here to get started!

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Twitter Contest Listings

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Planning on running a Twitter Contest?  I’ve complied a list of some of the contest listing services I’ve used to try and get the word out!

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Scalare Twitter

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I’ve been getting into Twitter recently and downloaded the program “Scalare.”  It’s a Mac application that works with Growl to give you instant twitter notifications on your desktop.  If there’s a link included clicking on the notification will take you to there.

I’ve been enjoying the software but all the notifications can get in the way, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyway to retweet, and every time I launch the application it brings up old DMs and @ mentions.  ‘Sides that I’ve been having a good time using Scalare :)

Here’s how Scalare looks on my computer (fear Id!):

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