crunchyland items

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I’ve submitted a few clothing designs for Crunchyland (since it’s fun!)  Most were accepted, but not all! D:  A lot of them are based on Kogenta from Onmyou Taisenki(sp?) The base is not my work – just the items!

Green Tiger Hair

Poofy purple pants

Tight White Shirt

Feet Wraps

Green Tiger Tail

Serpent Tail

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Crunchyroll User Page

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Presenting my design for my crunchyroll page!It’s based on another design I made for my Personal Gaia page.  I really like how the pastel purple and green colors go together – I’m thinking of making them my “signature” colors.

I end up using artwork I’ve done for other urposes or resuing the same piece over and over because of how much time it takes to daw somehting worth while.

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