Spam Words

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This is a very simple spam prevention mod for phpBB2.  The idea is that you define specific words that come up often in spam and it will block messages containing those words.

There is already a “spam words” mod out there, but with this mod you don’t need to make any database changes and you can set how many times the words need to be matched before blocking the message as spam.  Although, there isn’t an admin panel to go with this mod so settings need to be changed in the code.


  • Checks if a post includes any designated spam words
  • Set how many times those words need to be found to mark as spam
  • Set how many posts a user needs to have their post checked
  • PM a designated account with details about the post

Click here to download the mod

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Edit Join Date mod for PHPBB2

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I have written some mods for PHPBB2 (don’t ask why I’m not on 3 :P)  and I havn’t gotten into the habit of documenting them properly so they can shared, but this time I went through the whole nine yards :)  I don’t know how well this file would work with any auto installers, though.

I will give credit where credit it due – this mod is adapted from tomlevens’ “Edit User’s Postcount” mod.

What this mod does is add a field to the user management section of the admin panel which enables you to change a user’s join date.

click here to download join_date.mod

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