Ninja Words

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I recently picked up an app called “Ninja Words”  It’s normally $2.99, but I got it on special for $.99 :)  It has a free version too, so you can get a feel for it before putting any money down.

It’s a very nice game for studying Kanji, I’ve played Slime Forest Adventure before and the quality and price of Ninja Words is a lot better.  Although, Ninja Words only goes over 500 Kanji and no Kana.  The graphics and storyline and very cute, and I’m finding that the typical grinding style RPG gameplay is pretty well suited for studying.  I really like that it has a storyline involved so there’s some motivation to move through the game.

There’s one bad thing though, that I’ve noticed with other Kanji studying tools too.  It doesn’t have any sample words or furigana :(  If you care to learn how to speak the words you’ll have to keep a dictionary handy.

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