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Rails for Zombies

I recently completed the Ruby on Rails tutorial “Rails for Zombies.” I really like it’s “edutainment” zombie filled format, and on top of that it’s a very well written and easy to follow tutorial.

The tutorial consists of five “chapters.” Each chapter is broken up into an approximately 10 minute video and then a lab portion where you get to do exercises related to the video.  It’s really great to try out the code right after hearing about it, and I like that it doesn’t get drearily technical at the get go with needing to get Rails up and running.  A lot of RoR tutorials start with installing and runing your own local server, which a least for me is the least pleasant part.

A nice take away is the free PDF download it offers, which has all the slides from the video and is a nice reference back to everything you learned from the tutorial.  You also get a coupon for some paid rails tutorials after you finish.  They have “Rails for Zombies 2″ in the works so I’m thinking of saving it for that :3

At their Code School website they also offer a “Rails best practices” class which sounds a little advanced for diving into right after Rails for Zombies, but if it’s anywhere as well put together as Rails for Zombies I’d like to come back to it later.

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