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Jump Cutter

I’ve been doing some video editing and one thing that really drags on is editing out any long pauses.  I did some searching on ways to cut down on the time spent on this process and found jump cutter.  It’s a simple python script that will allow you to increase the speed of any clips detected to have no sound.

It didn’t come with any installation instructions though, so it took me a while to get it going.  Below are the steps I had to follow to get it running on my instance of Ubuntu.

sudo apt install python3-pip 
sudo apt install ffmpeg
pip3 install image
pip3 install audiotsm
pip3 install scipy

After that, you just need to run the following, where you can change the video speed and your video location

python3 --input_file video_file.mp4 --silent_speed 2 --sounded_speed 1 --frame_quality 1 --frame_margin 5

For my videos, the output was giving me really bad contrast issues D:  A looot of googling later and I found what works for me.  I replaced this line

command"ffmpeg -framerate "+str(frameRate)+" -i "+TEMP_FOLDER+"/newFrame%06d.jpg -i "+TEMP_FOLDER+"/audioNew.wav -strict -2 "+OUTPUT_FILE

with this

command = "ffmpeg -r "+str(frameRate)+" -i "+TEMP_FOLDER+"/newFrame%06d.jpg -i "+TEMP_FOLDER+"/audioNew.wav -strict -2 -crf 19 -vf eq=contrast=1 "+OUTPUT_FILE

That will increase the quality and set the contrast to its default value

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