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IFFYM Meal Replacement v2

After over a month with the last recipe, I ended up getting used to the taste.  Though, I wasn’t able to get used to calorie counting :/  Every time I try it ends up eating to much time and I can’t keep up.  So, instead I’ve decided to try and focus on appetite suppressants so hopefully I’ll eat less naturally.

So I want to change up this recipe to make it more filling.  To help get me started I reviewed several online articles to help pinpoint what foods I should try.

According to the results my current recipe already has quite a few appetite suppressants already, eggs, flaxseeds, and protein powder which only leaves cranberries and pea flour as the ingredients that won’t suppress appetite.  I was a bit surprised that apples were suggested by quite a few articles, so that seems like a natural substitution for my cranberries.

I found out that almond meal is a thing, it has a lot of fat, but my recipe as it is is a little carb heavy.  For now I think I’ll stay with pea flour because I have quite a bit left but also because, at $.53 a serving, almond meal is a bit pricey.  I really want to keep the recipe as close to $2 a serving as possible.

So here is my new recipe:

Nutribiotic Rice Protein (2 serving)422001200.72B2Buy
bob's flaxseed meal533.54600.11A-2Buy
hooster powdered egg165800.56A?2Buy
Dried Apple Rings301051200.49B?3Buy
bob's pea meal (2 servings)188081000.02A?2Buy

I guess it’s not surprising, but some of the prices have changed since last time, I went with vanilla protein since the chocolate went up in price, and bought the flaxseed meal in bulk.  And, happily, it ended up under $2 this time :)

One more addition is that I want to try adding in spices, I’ve gone through the list of appetite suppressants and filtered out the spices and herbs.   Some of these are kind of odd things to be adding to a protein shake, so I’m planning on experimenting with the flavor.  I’m not going to calculate any of these into the cost, since serving sizes are so small with spices.  Between the local dollar store and Herb Co I managed to get quite a few for a good price.  I may try more later, but initially I’m just going to stick to the cheaper spices. I’ll be coming back to cross out the ones that were just horrible x3

Appetite Suppressant Spices I purchased:

  1. √ Cinnamon
  2. √ Green Tea/Matcha Powder
  3. Cayenne Pepper
  4. Ginger
  5. ~ Red Pepper
  6. ~ Chickweed
  7. Fennel
  8. √ Licorice Root
  9. ~ Psyllium
  10. ~ Burdock
  11. Garlic
  12. √ Chia Seeds
  13. Bladderwrack

The big winners here I’ve marked in green, the ones in black are just pretty meh and taste like dirt IMO – while the red ones were quite strong and even with a dash really gave the shake an unpleasant taste.  Licorice Root was the most surprising to me – it has a really nice sweet flavor, and tastes nothing like black licorice.  Apparently it’s used in soft drinks and other foods as a sweetener, but I’ve heard it can be bad in large doses – so a dab will do ya!

I’m also considering ordering some Citrus aurantium powder, since it contains Synpehrine which is an active ingredient in Shred JYM.

Expensive/Unavailable Appetite Suppressant Spices:

  1. Mint
  2. Dandelion Root (little pricey)
  3. Garcinia/ Indica
  4. Ginseng (really expensive)
  5. Lemon
  6. Wasabi
  7. Hoodia
  8. Aloe Vera (kind of expensive)
  9. Evening Primrose
  10. Seaweed
  11. Gareinia Cantbogia
  12. Cardamom (little pricey)
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