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I did work

I did work is an application I found while trying to keep track of what I was spending my time doing at work.  It is very easy to use and does everything you would expect.  It allows you to put tasks in a todo list, add them to different categories, and specify how long they took to finish.  My favorite feature would have to be that after you’ve entered in some tasks it gives you a graphical chart so you can visualize exactly where your time is going.

After a while though, I stopped using it.  It’s not that it’s difficult to use, but it’s easy to forget to add in that you finished a task  – and how much time did you spend on that project?  I wish it had an API or any kind of a desktop widget/app – some kind of timer application could be very helpful.  I also wish it would handle the to-do list portion a bit better.  It would be nice if it wasn’t as squirreled away and would groups tasks by category.

In short it’s a very simple and easy to use application that does exactly what you’d expect, but it can be a pain to keep it updated.

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