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Advertising captcha

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I was roaming about the internet the other day when I came across a captcha that had a company slogan instead of the typical distorted text.  I thought it was a pretty interesting concept and made my way over to Solve Media to check it out.

According to their intro video adding your branding to a captcha is much more engaging and results in a greater rate or retention for the user than traditional banner ads.  They also said that typing in slogans is faster for users than trying to type in that mushed up text that traditionally appears in captchas.  Sounds reasonable enough to me, but regardless I thought it was a really interesting concept to add in more advertising without adding more clutter.

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Free certifications from Gild

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I was looking at those pricey w3schools certifications, but everywhere I asked said it was a big waste of money. So I decided to see what alternatives there were and see if there were any certifications that were especially well know that I should take.

What I did find was the Gild website where you can get certifications for free!

The price is right, and if I learn something along the way then I say it’s definitely time well spent.  I am still considering the w3schools certifications, but I’m going to start out with the free ones from Gild and see where that takes me.

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