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I happened upon a new rails learning resource today called codelearn :) It’s a little confusing actually setting up your account, and there’s no settings or user profiles yet. It appears that the whole site is currently in beta and is free for the moment, but may cost a little cheddar in the future. Once you have an account and figure out where the classes work the interface is pretty cool. It has the interactive terminal like a lot of other similar sites have, and it’s code editor isn’t unique either, but what is quite cool that I haven’t seen done before is that it has a file browser and app output. Where you can actually click through the file tree of the app you’re working on, and physically see and click around the app you’re building.

Those are some pretty nice features and I appreciate that you can actually explore the app a bit and poke through the code, so I’m definitely planning on going through all the coursework they currently have available :) I would love to get a profile link where I can include the course progress in my extended resume, but hopefully that will be added on later :)

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