Fold it and Rosetta@Home

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I recently discovered Rosetta@Home and Fold it.   They are both ways anyone can help with protein folding.  I’m no expert on proteins, but according to the site protein folding helps scientists to better understand proteins which can aide in curing diseases.  Which is pretty darn cool :)

Rosetta@Home works by using your computer’s idle resources to fold proteins in the background, it has various settings that let you tell when and how much of your CPU Rosetta@Home can use so it doesn’t interfere with other tasks.  Rosetta@Home can also be set as your screen saver so whenever your system idles you can watch it fold proteins.  It also logs your progress and you can collect “credits” which it displays on the site and if you get enough you could end up on their leader boards.

Fold it is a lot more hands on.  It’s like a 3D puzzle game, and I was very impressed with the renderings and how all the tools worked.  You can collect points and find your way to the leader boards in this application too.  It’s a free game that could help cure cancer – what’s not to like?

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Play Quake free

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This is kind of random, I found out that you can play Quake from your browser for free :)  I can’t say I’m very good at the first person shooter games…but it was fun trying it out.  It’s in full 3D and you get to connect and play with other people online.  It’s pretty simple game-play, you pick up weapons and buffs and try to shoot everyone else before they shoot you.  They do have a few special modes like – team play and capture the flag.  You don’t need to download and install a full program, but you will need to download a plug-in – then you can play it straight from your browser!

It wouldn’t work in chrome at all, but I was able to install the plug-in and run it fine in Firefox.

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crunchyland items

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I’ve submitted a few clothing designs for Crunchyland (since it’s fun!)  Most were accepted, but not all! D:  A lot of them are based on Kogenta from Onmyou Taisenki(sp?) The base is not my work – just the items!

Green Tiger Hair

Poofy purple pants

Tight White Shirt

Feet Wraps

Green Tiger Tail

Serpent Tail

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