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Manga straight from Japan to your tablet

honto - Android Apps on Google Play 2014-08-15 17-31-54

I recently discovered how you can buy raw manga directly from japan to read on your android tablet.  I pieced instructions together from Japanese Tease and tfq.

  1. Start by making an account at
  2. Then download TunnelBear from the google play store
  3. Connect to a Japanese server in Tunnel Bear
  4. Go to settings -> accounts and make a new temporary google account
  5. Go to google play and switch to that account (google play should turn all kanji-ey!)
  6. Then search and download the honto app
  7. You can then go buy whatever manga you want from honto, then download it to your device to read from their app :)

It took a lot of digging to figure it all out, but it’s not too tricky to get set-up :)  It’s a little hard getting around honto, but they had no problems accepting my american CC x3  I used chrome since it will auto-translate pages for you which made it a bit easier.

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Samsung Remote Testing Lab


Similarly to Nokia’s remote testing lab, Samsung has thier own remote testing lab.  It’s pretty much the same concept, for free you get 5 hours of testing time with real devices per day.

In general the devices are a lot more quicker and responsive then Nokia’s.  Unless you want to test on older devices – they crash at every turn and are pretty unusable. :/  But, they’re latest devices on there are great to have access to for testing. :)  If you’re developing for Android, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

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