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Why No Padlock?

Anyone whose dealt with secure pages before has undoubtedly run into the issue of having insecure items on the page that compromise the security.  I have this issue pretty much every time I write a new secure page ._.

The only way to solve it is to track down all the little insecure elements and change them to a relative link.  Sometime it can be really frustrating hounding through the code in search of the only little JPG that doesn’t want to play ball.  That’s why I was really happy to come upon the “Why no Padlock” service today :)  It’s pretty simple, al you have to do is put in the URL of your secure-to-be page and it will list out all of the insecure items for you!  It’s like magic 😀  Or, not so much…but it’s definitely wort a bookmark :)


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