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Nintendo DSI Art Academy: First Semester

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From the Nintendo DSI Shop is this very cool little paint program called “Art Academy: First Semester”  It really gives you the feel of traditional pencil/paint set :)  My favorite features is that you can save the images to your DSI then post them to facebook or transfer them to your computer with an SD card!  So the following are some of my doodles from this nice little portable art studio:

Apple: Art Academy DSI

Pear: Art Academy DSI

Ball: Art Academy DSI

Sunset: Art Academy DSI

Tree: Art Academy DSI

Tree: Art Academy DSI

Pikachu: Art Academy DSI

Pikachu2: Art Academy DSI

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Regular Expressions

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I can never seem to locate a guide that has an easy explanation of the common regular expressions that I use on a regular basis.  I usually just find bits and pieces, or find the right info, but not displayed in a way that’s easy to reference.  So here’s my own notes on RegEx :)

.wildcard character - will match anything
|or operator - (this|that) will match either
-range selector - will match a range of character or numbers i.e. 1-9
[]match any character inside the brackets [aeiou] would match anything with a vowel.
^match the start of a string - ^a will match 'atlas' but not 'mad'
[^]don't match - it will negate what you put inside like [^cheese]
$match the end of a string - at$ will match 'mat' but not 'saturn'
?match preceding character 0-1 times - tree? will match 'tre', 'tree', but not 'treee'
*match preceding character 0+ time - same as * except it would match 'treee'+
+match preceding character 1+ times - this version will not match 'tre'
{#}match preceding character # times - tree{3} will match 'treeee'
{#,#2}match preceding character at least #, but not more than #2 - tree{3,4} will match 'treeee' or 'treeeee'
icase insensitive flag - add at end i.e. '#(regex)#i'
sdotall flag - make the "." character match anything
xverbose flag - ignore all whitespace and allows "#" commenting
Regular expression syntax

One piece I use often as kind of a ‘match-all’ is “(.*?)” so preg_match_all(‘#<a>(.*?)</a>#is’, $content, $matches); would match everything in the string that is within anchor tags.

The delimiter can also be changed, in the previous example it is the “#” pound character, but could easily be changed to “/” as in ‘/<a>(.*?)</a>/is’ or changed into whatever is most convenient for the enclosed string.

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